Black Lives Matters Protest 2016

Before I started music photography I always had a passion to be a photojournalist. I wanted to specifically cover war, make iconic photos that would ultimately make a difference, and be etched into history. As time progressed I realized I couldn't ever take the risk of putting my life on the front line for the photos I wanted to take. It's just way to dangerous and it was something I really could not put on my family and friends. I still do have a passion for photojournalism and the impact that it can make. Any time there is something going like a protest or something else of importance I try to put myself in the position to cover it. In 2016 a moment like that arose. It was probably around the peak of the black lives matters movement that was starting to gain lots of traction here in the United States. Protests were occurring all over the country. One popped up here in Washington, DC. I saw a post of it on social media and knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to cover it. Day of the protest I pack up my gear, get on the metro, and go over to where the protest was starting to form in front of the department of justice. Once I arrived I started shooting non-stop. I just went by the words of legendary war photographer James Nachtwey, "If your pictures aren't good enough you're not close enough". These are the photos I came out with.  

I22A9038 copy 2.jpg
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