3 Shoots 3 Hours NYC 4/17/18

Two months ago I went to New York for one day and had three shoots set up for me, which I would then do back to back to back in three hours. A little background before I get into this, I've been trying to get into fashion photography for a good minute not really knowing the intricate stuff that goes into getting into that industry. I've shot models here and there coming out with some great images but business wise it's never really picked up. I then started doing more research on the industry and how to get started. I read that a great way of starting is email or calling local agencies about test shoots. So I looked around the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area through google to find some near me. I found maybe 3 or so in my area. I was a fan of one of the agencies so I hit them up but never heard back. A couple days later I was watching a video on youtube and the guy I was watching was talking about models. A tip he gave was to just go to your closet major city thats established in fashion, travel there for a day or two, and then work.

 This then prompted me to say fuck it and book a nice looking Airbnb without having any shoots set up. So, once I had it booked I had two weeks to try to set up as many shoots as I could. I started my research process gathering a list of all the modeling agencies in New York City. I then created a couple mood boards to match with the location and surrounding area. Once that was finished I sent out more than 15 emails. Then it was straight to the waiting processes.  A couple days go by and I start getting a couple responses some break down but others came to fruition. I ended up setting up with 4 agency's which then dropped to two once the date came closer due to scheduling conflicts. With the drop I wanted to secure at least one more shoot. I started looking through Model Mayhem, which if you don't know is a site to find models in any area. After hours of searching I finally found a model. I then found her Instagram and ended up hitting her up. We set up the shoot that day once I sent my mood board and ideas. 

The date finally comes and I wake up at 4am and drive to DC to get on my 5 hour or so bus ride to NYC. I get there take the metro to my spot, sign in, and 15 minutes later I'm starting my first shoot. All the shoots ended up being back to back to back but flowing perfectly time wise. I worked with JAG Agency, Stetts Agency, and freelance model. This is what I got out of those 3 shoots in 3 hours. 

Cynthia JAG Agency, Cathrine Stetts Agency, and Richelle

Captured by Gustavo Marinho


 Cynthia JAG Agency

Cynthia JAG Agency

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